The Best Licorice Ever - Salty

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  • The Best Licorice Ever - Salty
  • The Best Licorice Ever - Salty
  • The Best Licorice Ever - Salty
The Best Licorice Ever - Salty The Best Licorice Ever - Salty The Best Licorice Ever - Salty


Every licorice in The Best Honey Licorice Ever family has its own fans. One person is crazy about The Best Honey Licorice Ever; the other doesn’t leave the house without The Best Bay Leaf Licorice Ever. That said, it’s probably The Best Mildly Salty Licorice Ever that has the most fans. There’s a story about a guy flying back and forth to Thailand within 48 hours because he had forgotten his holiday supply of The Best Mildly Salty Licorice. Even people who don’t like salty licorice think it’s delicious. Go on, admit it. It really is a delicious licorice.


Until a hundred years ago, salt was one of the most sought-after goods in the world. Wars have been fought over salt; it was even used as a means of payment. You can see the origins of the Dutch words for salary (‘salaris’) and pay (‘soldij’) in the word for salt (zout).

Salt is salt, you would say. You might be right. However, in some circles, you can discuss what the best salt in the world is for hours. In 2016, when Klepper & Klepper thought that The Best Sweet Licorice Ever needed a mildly salty sequel, they went in serious search of the best salt in the world. Klepper & Klepper travelled to Salzberg and Brittany to see for themselves. After consulting many salt experts, Klepper & Klepper have concluded that unrefined Celtic sea salt is the best salt in the world.


Celtic sea salt is extracted from the salt marshes of the French Guérande peninsula. The salt miners lead the seawater from swamp to swamp. As the seawater evaporates, the top layer of salt crystallizes. It’s then scooped off by hand; the top layer by women, as their hands are supposed to be finer and better suited to scooping off this delicate layer.

Celtic sea salt isn’t washed, dried or refined, preserving all the minerals present. Some say Celtic sea salt is the healthiest salt in the world. It’s supposed to be good for your immune system due to the magnesium content maintaining low blood pressure and improving vitamin absorption. According to others, the mineral content is so low that the effects mentioned above would be negligible.

That said, Celtic sea salt is favoured by many chefs. Of all the salts extracted globally, it has the lowest sodium content and mildest taste, making it just perfect for a mildly salty licorice candy.


In Roman times, someone in love was said to be “in a pickled state.” After all, when you’re in love, everything becomes a little more intense. Precisely therein lies the secret of The Best Mildly Salty Licorice Ever. Klepper & Klepper don’t let the salt dominate, they use it to intensify the licorice flavour and make it more prominent. Just like you can season a soup with a little salt, you can do the same to licorice. By not letting the salt overpower, you tackle another problem that can happen with salty licorice; it can dry out too quickly. The ideal drying time has a narrow window. To create The Best Salty Licorice Ever, Klepper & Klepper have chosen to a drying time that is fraction too short. Just like bananas are picked unripe and ripen as they are transported, The Best Mildly Salty Licorice Ever continues to dry in the packaging. Therefore, it is essential to deliver The Best Mild Salty Licorice Ever to the shops at exactly the right time. Luckily, they sell like hot cakes so getting the timing right is never really a problem. You can rest assured that if you have a bag of The Best Mild Salty Licorice Ever in your hands, the texture is as good as perfect.


The sophisticated taste and perfect texture elicit the following words from Felix Wilbrink, a culinary journalist at De Telegraaf, ‘This licorice unfolds directly in your mouth; the taste is almost creamy. The licorice melts instantly. It’s not too sticky. The sweet and salt proportions are perfect. Soft yet firm. Just how licorice should taste.’ We at Klepper & Klepper have nothing more to add (for a change).


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