22 Jun 2022

Foie Royale Interview in Chef & Restaurant Magazine

Foie Royale Stand: 2005
Foie Royale Interview in Chef & Restaurant Magazine
Foie Royale Interview in Chef & Restaurant Magazine - Chef Dan Moon and Mike Logut

In June 2022, the United Kingdom celebrates HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. As the bunting is hung, the tables put out and the toasting to Her Majesty begins, there will be celebrations galore. 2022 is also witnessing celebrations of somewhat ‘Royale’ nature as Foie Royale, the ethical alternative to traditional foie gras, continues to attract attention from chefs around the United Kingdom. The product already has a huge consumer following and is in demand throughout Waitrose and Fortnum & Mason stores, it was only ever a matter of time before it began to appear on restaurant menus. In this interview, Dan Moon, the Ambassador Chef of Foie Royale shared about his journey in cooking, elaborated more on his passion on seeking for new, sustainable and ethical ingredients in his menus with his creative cooking and out-of-the-box idea. Followed by Mike Logut, the Managing Director of Foie Royale, he talked about the story behind of the product development, changing consumers’ habits and attitudes, as well as his vision on bringing more new lines of Foie Royale to the market.


Read the full article at https://foieroyale.com/foie-royale-interview-in-chef-restaurant-magazine/

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