22 Mar 2022

How Chocolate Is Made

Willies Cacao Stand: 1502
How Chocolate Is Made
How Chocolate Is Made

I want to inspire everyone to join my Chocolate Revolution, by sharing my passion for real, artisan chocolate. To do this I need to demystify the world of chocolate. So let’s start right at the beginning with ‘How is Chocolate Made?’

I make all my chocolate the artisan way, from bean to bar, with no short cuts and only the purest of ingredients. So what I’m sharing here, is how REAL chocolate is made.  

I’ll tell you all about the almighty differences between artisan chocolate and industrial chocolate another day. But in short, industrial chocolate is made in just a few hours, at high temperatures, using lecithin as an emulsifier, and vanilla to add back some flavour. It is a process designed for cost, whereas the bean to bar process is designed for flavour.

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