Sustainability has fast become an important topic within the food and drink sector, from processing and packaging, wastage, materials and even transit solutions. We all need to do our part in providing a solution to this ongoing challenge and in response to this, Speciality & Fine Food Fair is taking action to make our operation as sustainable as possible.

How do we intend to do this? As part of our ongoing initiative to take care of our planet as well as our people we have created a dedicated Sustainability Zone within our 2020 showcase, taking place 6-8 September. Within this zone we will be removing the carpets, reviewing our choice in shell scheme to reduce unnecessary use of materials, and taking more consideration of the overall type of materials being used around the Fair.

Not only is it important to us that we take steps to be more sustainable at the Fair, but also that our exhibiting producers aim to be more sustainable too and we will be reviewing 5 key areas with anyone featuring within the Sustainability Zone;

  • Waste & recycling
  • Energy
  • Packaging
  • Raw materials
  • Water

As our Sustainability Zone takes shape, we are excited to see that it has already piqued the interest of some very exciting brands, with sustainability at the heart of their mission.

If you want to showcase your contribution to sustainability within your establishment or are revolutionising your industry, then there is no better time to get involved – get in touch to tell us what you’re up to. You can also keep an eye on our website to stay up to date with this exciting project and find out all the latest improvements being made to Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2020. Follow us at #SustainabilityatSFFF across Twitter - @SpecialityFair, Instagram - @Specialityfair and Facebook - @SpecialityFair.

See you in September!



Philippa Christer

Event Manager
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