Shine a light on your sustainable story

Sustainability has fast become an important topic within the food and drink sector, from processing and packaging, wastage, materials and even transit solutions. We all need to do our part in providing a solution to this ongoing challenge and in response to this, Speciality & Fine Food Fair is delighted to be launching the Sustainability Zone in association with Pallite specifically for producers who are paving the way in sustainable practises and revolutionizing the industry.

Within the Sustainability Zone, we will be removing the carpets and using plastic free shell scheme which will consist of aluminium framing with sustainable wood infills, and a fully recyclable cardboard exhibitor nameboard; ensuring zero waste being sent to landfill.

We have limited stand availability in the Sustainability Zone, so if your business has a sustainable story then we would love to hear from you. We kindly ask that you complete the online application form to confirm the area is suitable for your products.

Apply for Sustainability Zone

“We’re delighted to be supporting Speciality & Fine Food Fair by fitting out The Sustainability Zone with environmentally-friendly paper honeycomb board.”

Iain Hulmes, CEO, PALLITE

Brands we already have on-board in The Sustainability Zone include...