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Plant Icon

The Day of the Triffids - Plant Powers Rise to Global Domination

  • What is driving the plant-based market trend?
  • Why has this become such a focus with many emerging brands?
  • How can brands / retailers / foodservice operators get the most from this trend?

Digital Distruption

Social Disruption and the digital takeover in the food & drink world

  • Using social media effectively – which channels are best to promote products
  • How transparency is a big thing as social media gives us more visibility of internal situations i.e. Hawksmoor wine situation
  • Online shopping for food, how retailers are seeing growing trends in consumers buying online

Edible Ethics


  • What are consumers looking for and why?
  • How can you ensure transparent supply chains from an ethical and sustainability viewpoint?
  • What steps can brands / retailers / restaurants take to engendering consumer trust?


Are Hospitality venues becoming the next go-to food destination?

  • What’s driving this trend? 
  • Why do consumer's see hotels as a place to spend their leisure time?
  • How to benefit from this trend and what to consider as part of your offering?