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Food & Beverage Evolution in Endemic Times

As we emerge from the pandemic into an endemic environment, it is a matter of when, not if, the F&B industry must rethink its business models in order to survive.

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  • Benjamin Yang, CEO - Novitee
  • Alison Ang, Director - Better Together
  • Mint Wong, CEO - EATLAB

Choosing Substitutes: The Rising Tide of Non-Animal Proteins

This insightful presentation from market research specialist Euromonitor examines the growth of non-animal proteins, consumer attitudes to these products and how issues like sustainability and food safety might help this new category evolve.


  • Margaux Laine, Senior Analyst - Euromonitor

You can download the presentation here.

Sustainability Trends in the Retail Sector with Charles Banks

thefoodpeople's Charles Banks takes a deep dive into the most important sustainability trends in food & drink retail, as consumer behaviour, industry and policy come together to avert climate catastrophe.


  • Charles Banks, Director and Co-Founder - thefoodpeople

Post Pandemic Recovery: Retail Reset

Our shopping and consumption habits have gone through decades worth of change over the last 18 months. Many of these changes were already bubbling under the surface but the pandemic has forced retailers and suppliers alike to adapt at a speed that nobody had planned for. But fear not - it is not time to rip-up your strategy. In this session, we will look at how our behaviours have changed post-pandemic and examine what this means for retailers trying to win in this new world.


  • Andrew Walker, Client Knowledge Director - Kantar

Serving the 24/7 Customer

With customers now able to receive groceries in minutes without leaving the comfort of their homes, what does this mean for the future of shopping as we know it? Is this new business model a threat or an opportunity for food & drink retail? And, quite simply, is this model sustainable?

Host: Roseanna Evans, Head of Client Operations - HRA Global


  • Ben Ebbrell, Co-founder - SORTEDfood
  • Matthew Nobbs, Commercial Director - Gorillas
  • Tom Lister, CEO - Hackney Gelato

Mastering Low and No Alcohol in the Retail Space

Where and how to include alcohol free products in store has always been a challenge for retailers. Join Laura Willoughby of Club Soda as she chairs a discussion on how to choose the right products, where to position them and importantly, how to entice customers to try and buy them.


  • Laura Willoughby MBE, Co-Founder - Club Soda, The Mindful Drinking Movement
  • Rachel Hewlett, Sales and Business Development - Shelf Now
  • David Burgess, Director and Co-founder - Fugitive Motel
  • Josh Kelly, Shop Manager - Alcohol Free Off Licence

The Customer Journey - Creating a Sensory Experience

The science and psychology of the customer journey is one of the more important stages of a successful retail business. As with many parts of the industry, it can be invisible when done well, and hugely disruptive when done badly. In this session our panel of experts will take a look at everything that goes into an effective and intuitive customer experience, from signage and displays to lighting and temperature control to the physical journey around a retail space.


  • Jeremy Bowen, Brand Ambassador - Appetite Me
  • Sarah Horsnell, Head of Buying - Appetite Me
  • Simon Spurrell, Director - Cheshire Cheese Company
  • Damien Burnell, Estate Manager - Penllyn Estate

How Challenger Brands Drive Category Growth, Footfall and Create a Point of Difference

In this enlightening session, Karen Green, the Food Mentor and challenger brand expert explores how retail buyers can benefit from giving the smaller brands a chance to bring innovation, better margins and a point of difference to their ranges - highlighting some of the latest successes that have lead to huge category growth from ice cream to plant based meat alternatives.


  • Karen Green, Food Mentor - Edesia Consulting LTD

Top 10 Trends 21/22 in Food & Drink

Join Charles Banks, Co Founder of thefoodpeople as he takes you through their hot & rising trends for 2021 and beyond. thefoodpeople, established for over 15 years, are a global trends business, specialising in future foresight in the food and beverage sector. A united group of trend spotters and innovators, they are a team of psychologists, chefs, marketeers, product developers, academics, flavourists, historians and anthropologists. But more than that TFP are ‘champions of change’ that bring their inherent experience, as well as an obsession for food and drink, natural curiosity, intuition and tenacity.


  • Charles Banks, Co-Founder - thefoodpeople

Trends Unwrapped: Getting to the Root of the Plant-Based Sector

The exponential rise of plant-based consumption has been transformative in food and drink. In this session, we explore the latest trends that are emerging and gaining momentum as well as the show products that illustrate the latest in the plant-based world.


  • Charles Banks, Co-Founder - thefoodpeople

Trends Unwrapped: Health & Wellbeing

The exponential rise of plant-based consumption has been transformative in food and drink. In this session, we explore the latest trends that are emerging and gaining momentum as well as the show products that illustrate the latest in the plant-based world.


  • Charles Banks, Co-Founder - thefoodpeople

What Are the Packaging Trends Set to Define 2022 and Beyond?

In this insightful presentation, FMCG Gurus will reveal some of the major trends in the world of food & drink packaging, with a focus on sustainability and ensuring an ethical and eco-friendly supply chain.


  • Will Cowling, Marketing Manager - FMCG Gurus

Trends Unwrapped: Sustainability

In a post pandemic world, our health and wellbeing and that of those around us is in sharp focus. Join thefoodpeople's Charles Banks as he explores the effect of this impact on consumers and exposes the latest products available to help us all address these needs.


  • Charles Banks, Co-Founder - thefoodpeople

Finding Success in Vegan & Plant-Based

Vegan & plant-based is one of the most rapidly growing product categories in UK food & drink retail. This session will take a look at some of the most successful products in the space and how retailers and wholesalers can make their vegan & plant-based ranges a success.


  • Louisianna Waring, Senior Insight and Poilicy Officer - Vegan Society
  • Rik Roberts, General Manager - Crackd
  • Ian Theasby, Founder - BOSH!
  • Henry Firth, Founder - BOSH!

I Can't Believe It's Not Meat!

Meat alternatives are on the rise with consumers wanting environmentally sustainable, cruelty free options. This webinar explores how NPD solutions are transforming what used to be niche markets into mainstream.


  • Damoy Robertson, Co-Founder and CEO - The Vegan Review
  • Sadrah Schadel, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer - No Evil Foods
  • Carole Bingley, Technical Speciality - RSSL
  • Inderpal Kaur, Founder - Plant Futures

What's Next? The Evolution of the Plant-Based Movement

According to a recent study on UK diet trends by, around 14% of adults in the UK are following a meat-free diet. The number of those who gave up meat in 2020 was double that of 2019’s figures.

As awareness to the benefits and accessibility of a plant-based diet continue to rise, how are consumers changing attitudes toward this trend exposing new challenges and growth areas within the market? With the impact on the planet, one’s health and price all transparent factors – what is the latest for the plant-based industry?


  • Mike Hughes, Head of Research - FMCG Gurus
  • Damoy Robertson, Co-Founder and CEO - The Vegan Review
  • Julie Cleijne, CEO - Sustainable Kitchen Consultants
  • Anderson Caicedo, Co-Founder - GreenBay
  • Miciel Van Deursen, Founder - Capital V

Changing Consumer Tastes and the Impact of World Flavours

The impact of COVID-19 has had both temporary and long term affects on consumer food choices and behaviours.  In particular a willingness to enhance meal and snack enjoyment via new flavours and embracing cuisines styles and meal preparations has encouraged both adventurous and traditional households to re-think their food choices.

Louisa McCoy and Jules Greene from Good Sense Research discuss what they have observed with regards to meal and food flavour preferences including changing trends and preferred cuisines in this short webinar.


  • Jules Greene, Qualitative Specialist - Good Sense Research
  • Louise McCoy, Research Manager - Good Sense Research

Fresh Food Overhaul - Making Local Partnerships Work For You

Seeking out quality local products is high on the agenda for most, if not all, independent food and drink retailers, but sometimes the road to building effective local supplier networks can be tricky to navigate. Unavailability of seasonal produce, fluctuating price and quality, and an inability to meet high demand can all be challenging factors. Join our expert panel as they discuss managing relationships with local producers and building long-lasting and effective supplier networks.


  • Damoy Robertson, Co-Founder and CEO - The Vegan Review
  • Dan Parker, Project Lead - Veg Power
  • Domini Hogg, Founder - Tried and Supplied
  • John Farrand, Managing Director - Guild of Fine Food
  • Rob Tate, Managing Director - Appetite Me

A New Beginning - Post Pandemic Insights for the Out of Home

Join Fiona Speakman, Client Director, CGA Strategy for a look at how the Out of Home landscape has changed throughout the pandemic and what this means for consumers and operators in the new norm. Watch the session to better understand how to adapt and change to meet the expectations of consumers and what is required to survive in an increasingly changing market.


  • Fiona Speakman, Client Director - CGA Strategy

International Opportunities: The Growing Landscape of Online Retail Within the USA

Join international food expertise group Green Seed as they take you through the changing retail landscape focussing in on the online opportunities that have grown throughout the pandemic.


  • Jenny Thielen, Managing Director - Green Seed North America
  • Simon Waring, Managing Director - Green Seed UK

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