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Sustainability Trends in the Retail Sector With Charles Banks


thefoodpeople's Charles Banks takes a deep dive into the most important sustainability trends in food & drink retail, as consumer behaviour, industry and policy come together to avert climate catastrophe.


  • Charles Banks, Director and Co-Founder - thefoodpeople

"Certified B Corp" - Discover Sustainability Practices to Positively Impact Your Business

A stamp of approval which truly resonates with consumers and their confidence in your brand. Learn more about this business certification and hear from those who've reaped the benefits. Designed for purpose and built for profit, our panel uncover the process, opportunities and benefits to acquiring B Corp status.


  • Domini Hogg, Founder - Tried and Supplied
  • Ed Ayton, Sustainability & Communications Officer - Abel & Cole
  • James Ghaffari, Director of Growth and Product - B Lab UK
  • Paschalis Loucaides, UK Managing Director - Too Good To Go


Conscious Consumerism: How to Identify and Respond to Your Customers' Needs

Educating your customer and understanding your customers' expectations go hand-in-hand when it comes to sustainability. As consumer demands drive more choices in all aspects of your business, what actions make the most impact? From supply-chain shake-ups, transitioning to unpackaged, recycling efforts and revitalising business values, our panel of experts will leave you inspired to evolve for 2022 and beyond.


  • Paul Hargreaves, CEO - Cotswold Fayre
  • Julie Cleijne, Chief Executive Officer and Founder - Sustainable Kitchen
  • Catherine Conway, Founder - Unpackaged
  • Stefano Cuomo. Managing Director - Macknade



Futureproof: The Industry's Fight for Genuine Sustainability


Certified B Corporation has become a trusted marker of a sustainable business. But what does it take for food & drink suppliers to achieve this certification, and how can retailers and wholesalers best highlight these products? This panel, hosted by consultancy HRA Global, takes a look at the industry's journey to measuring sustainable business practices.


  • Hamish Renton, Managing Director - HRA Global
  • Tim Etherington-Judge, Co-founder - Avallen Spirits
  • John Steel, CEO - Cafedirect

Sustainability is the New Normal, Presented by Cotswold Fayre

How can being B-Corp certified help the food & drink industry contribute towards creating a more sustainable planet? In this session we explore sustainability with Paul Hargreaves CEO of Cotswold Fayre.


  • Paul Hargreaves, CEO - Cotswold Fayre

   Trends Unwrapped: Sustainability

With climate change an ever looming threat, how can the food and drink industry play their part to promote and contribute towards creating a more sustainable planet? In this session we explore the trends and products that are emerging and gaining momentum in the space of sustainability.


  • Charles Banks, Co-Founder - thefoodpeople

Future Food Trend Tracker 2022

Key learnings and takeaways from thefoodpeople's future trend tracker to date, and a look forward as to what we can expect from 2022 in plant-based, sustainability and cuisine.


  • Charles Banks, Director and Co-Founder - thefoodpeople
  • Kelly Dowson, Managing Director - Food Innovation Solutions

Where Next for Sustainable Packaging?

Packaging, perhaps more than most sectors, has had to confront the issue of sustainability head on. In this session, we take a look at some of the latest developments in sustainable packaging solutions and how to translate sometimes complex calculations into consistent and accurate consumer messaging.


  • David Harding-Brown, Founder Partner - The Packaging Collective
  • Andy Sweetman, Sales and Marketing Director - Futamura
  • Hugh Lewis, Head of Proposition Strategy - Gousto
  • James Wallace, UK Sales Manager - BioPak UK

Speciality Food Talks: A Sustainable Future - The War on Food Waste

With many exciting and innovative solutions to eradicate food waste in the industry, there really is no excuse anymore. As businesses and consumers, we all have a responsibility to help reduce this alarming wastage, but what if doing so could save you money, and increase profitability? Join Holly Shackleton, Editor of Speciality Food Magazine, and two industry pioneers who are leading the war on food waste as they discuss the practical solutions and products to help your business.


  • Holly Shackleton, Editor - Speciality Food Magazine
  • Jenny Costa, Founder and CEO - Rubies in the Rubble
  • Tristram Stuart, Founder - Taste Ale

Speciality Food Talks: A Sustainable Future - Plastic-Free Solutions

The industry’s commendable efforts in plastic reduction have gone backwards in the wake of Covid-19 with lazy solutions resorting in a surge of plastic usage and waste. Join Holly Shackleton, Editor of Speciality Food Magazine and two trailblazing innovators who are championing plastic-free solutions to the world of food and drink.


  • Holly Shackleton, Editor - Speciality Food Magazine
  • Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder - A Plastic Planet
  • Catherine Conway, Founder - Unpackaged

Speciality Food Talks: A Sustainable Future - Championing Local

Lockdown developed a new-found community spirit with locals seeking to support, protect, source from and harbour a sense of pride around their local community. Join Holly Shackleton, Editor of Speciality Food Magazine and two industry pioneers who are championing local to discover the many opportunities and benefits local credentials bring!


  • Holly Shackleton, Editor - Speciality Food Magazine
  • Anthony Davison, Founder - Big Barn
  • James Osborn, General Manager - The Flint and Oak Farm Shop; Commercial Director - Squerryes Wine Estate

Fresh Food Overhaul - Making Local Partnerships Work for You

Seeking out quality local products is high on the agenda for most, if not all, independent food and drink retailers, but sometimes the road to building effective local supplier networks can be tricky to navigate. Unavailability of seasonal produce, fluctuating price and quality, and an inability to meet high demand can all be challenging factors. Join our expert panel as they discuss managing relationships with local producers and building long-lasting and effective supplier networks.


  • Damoy Robertson, Co-Founder and CEO - The Vegan Review
  • Dan Parker, Project Lead - Veg Power
  • Domini Hogg, Founder - Tried and Supplied
  • John Farrand, Managing Director - Guild of Fine Food
  • Rob Tate, Managing Director - Appetite Me

Food Waste Bad Taste: How to Keep Food on the Plate for Planet and Profit

When everyone knows the damage food waste is doing to their bottom line and the environment, why is it so much continues to feed bins and not bellies? Three panellists who’ve made it their mission to keep food on the plate, share their secrets and highlight the potential rewards – economic, environmental and social.


  • Louisa Dodd, Senior Project Manager - Sustainable Restaurant Association
  • Ollie Hunter, Chef Owner - The Wheatsheaf Chilton Foliat
  • Liam Jones, Head of Business Development - Olio
  • Rory Capper, Sustainability Manager - Paper Round
  • Shaun Francome, Head Chef - Cafe Murano

Disrupting the Status Quo to Achieve a Truly Sustainable Future

Exploring the innovations that are contributing to the circular economy and how a sustainable post-pandemic world. In Partnership with the BBIA* This session showcases four examples of innovative manufacturing products and processes across the whole food supply chain.


  • Neil Shackleton - Medoola
  • David Newman - Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association

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